Here a list of Frequently Asked Questions related to the Nomad-A-What Guest Door App.

What is this app and what does it do?
This app provides guest access to our Nomad-A-What Travel Coworking community. Our goal is to provide a low cost space where internationally minded Digital Nomads could drop-in and work whenever they need to. This means we have no concierge or receptionist on duty. Please use this app to register for our space and open our doors. 

What is the cost for a day pass?
Please see our current prices here.

When can I access the space?
You can access the space during one of three times. 1) when we are open, 2) when there is a member willing to host guests, and 3) when you have been trust validated. 

When are you open?
Roughly speaking we are open Monday-Friday 10am-5pm. However, you can still access our coworking outside of these hours when a member host is on duty or when you have been trust validated. 

How do I know when a member host is on duty
When you visit our door app at you will see a picture of the member host on duty. You will also see how long the member host intends to stay.

What’s a trust validation token.
A trust verification token allows us to grant Digital Nomads, from all over the world, access to our coworking space at times when member hosts are not present, even though we may not have met them face to face.

Who can get a Trust Verification Token?
Anyone who 1) provides the necessary identity verification information and 2) has a strong online reputation that can be verified through a variety of ways and 3) can show they are a serious digital professional who intends to use the space for work can receive a Trust Verification Token. It's important to note that items 2 and 3 are somewhat subjective and therefore not all people will meet the requirements for the Trust Verification Token. People who are invested in online privacy and anonymity will likely not qualify for a Trust Verification Token. On the other hand, digital nomads who are very public online (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc) and have a verifiable body of work (websites, GitHub, StackExchange etc.) are more likely to qualify for a Trust Verification Token.

How long does the verification process take?
We usually can complete the Trust Verification process in about 24 hours. However, depending on who's around and available, we can sometimes complete the process in under an hour. You are encouraged to request a Trust Verification Token as soon as you know you may need it, that way you will be able to get inside whenever you need to work. Occasionally, we may ask you for additional information or talk to you on the phone so this can add a little time to the process. 

Where can I learn more about trust validation and apply to become trust validated.
Visit text

Why do I need to give you my cell phone number and credit card information to use the door app?
This information is required as part of our security checks so we know the people who are accessing our space.

Is my information safe?
Your credit card data goes directly to Stripe and we never see or store this information. All other information is protected in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

I have more questions.
Please contact us by phone at +1 415-891-WORK or by email at connect [AAATTT]
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